202 | About Us
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About Us

PakTeliseh food Industries  founded   in 1979  under commercial name  of 202, producing  a wide variety of protein-based and ready meals products through innovation and creative ideas like burgers,pizzas,mozzarella cheese,kebabs,etc. Fortunately ,by Relying on our efficient  management ,experienced staff ,skilful experts and using the most advanced technology ,we have managed to obtain national standards and international certificates of

ISO 9001:2015

22000:2005 ISO

14001:2015 ISO

ISO 10002:2014

OHSAS 180001:2007

The company has launched its new 50,000-Square Feet-factory in Charbagh recently in order  to provide various  products in better quality and more innovation such as sausages ,cold cuts ,marinated meats ,breaded products ,ready meals ,flavoured meats and different kinds of kebab ,etc.

202 has been supplying lots of the most important organizations  in Iran like:

Iran Air, national and international universities ,Raja railway and chain stores all over the country for many years, which demonstrate the strength of the company.

202  has always been trying to obtain its consumer’s 100% satisfaction by maintaining the product’s quality stable and without any changes.

Strength points and  the  distinction

• Using the best ingredients and healthiest raw material to reach healthy and high-quality products.
• Utilising the most modern technology in its new factory.
• recruiting  experts  and professional manpower.
• holder of Silver Sign in the most popular brand festival in year 2013
• utilising exclusive distribution system to maintain the cold chain since producing till consumers’  table.
• placing  customer’s satisfaction as  our first and the most important priority.
• Elected as the best food industries company by Iran food & drug and health ministry.